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World of education plays a significant part of the economic development. First, by conducting policies analysis and sectoral research to provide reliable input to policy makers. Second, by creating a better generation through human development. Such application also works in the area of competition policy and law, whereas the world of academia is an engine of changes for supporting the development of competition policy and law study of a nation or a region. The world of the future is a very rapidly changing world, in order to take advantage of the dynamics wave of changes, it requires a fast perceptual ability to all changes, so that it did not drift in the flow of change. That is why the study of competition policy and law shall able to catch up with such robust ​development.

Competition agency or regulator cannot stand alone to ride the wave of changes. It needs its relevant stakeholder to jointly assist them along the way, and that included the world of academics. However, the problem is, there has been slow growth of expertise in competition policy and law in East Asia. For the past decade, there has been no forum for the academic to get together and discuss their recent works or studies in competition policy and law. It makes the development in the number of the new ​expert ​in ​competition ​law ​in ​the ​region ​is ​also ​moving ​at ​a ​slow ​pace.

In response to the problems, the 13th East Asia Top Level Meeting on Competition Policy and Law  (EATOP/EAC) which had been held in Bali in September 2017 took initiative to encourage the establishment of Academic Network in the field of Competition Policy and Law.  It is hoped that The East Asia Academic Network on Competition Policy and Law (EANCP) will play the role of collaborating advance research and broadening network among themselves and with the regulator with the main objective of improving or developing knowledge hub and expertise in competition policy and law in East Asia. It is hope that the network of would also serve the needs of theoretical and practical convergence to address ​competition ​problems ​in ​the ​region.

The network will aim at improving the number of study or research in competition policy and law, as well as join hand with the competition agencies or regulators to build the expertise in competition area of both competition agency and university. In specific, the ​Academic ​Network ​on ​Competition ​Policy and Law ​in ​East ​Asia ​will ​serve ​as: ● Communication forum for academics in competition law and policy in regional scope; ● A forum for joint academic activities on competition issues (research, study, seminar, ​FGD, ​workshop, ​discussion, ​trainings, ​etc); ● Experience ​sharing ​and ​resource ​sharing ​between ​academics; ● Providing ​expertise ​pool ​on ​competition ​in ​East ​Asia ​Region; ● Providing ​virtual ​platform ​for ​resource ​sharing ​and communication.

The network will consist of academics in competition policy and law from universities in East ​Asia, ​in ​which: ● The network shall be managed by the academics, with appropriate supports from ​the ​competition ​agencies. ● The network will establish a virtual secretariat. The organization of secretariat will consist of academics and representative of competition authorities. Chairperson of the secretariat is selected biennially. The secretariat may consist of working groups on dedicated areas. Coordinator and secretariat office is selected annually. The elected authority will host an EANCP seminar as a back-to-back event with EATOP meeting each year. The proposed structure is ​as ​Annex ​1. ● At the initial stage, it is hope that ASEAN competition agencies or regulators will assist the network to build and expand. It needs founder to establish the term of organization which consists of 2 or 3 academia from the recommended member ​by ​competition ​authorities.

● Experts/academia ​recommended ​by ​the ​competition ​authority ​in ​East ​Asia. ● Academic or researcher in East Asia who has interest in competition policy and law.

The list of current members of EANCP can be seen by clicking this following link:  Members of EANCP

The network’s activities will include hosting an annual meeting back-to-back with the EATOP/EAC, publishing e-newsletter, create and managing a web portal, conduct research in competition, and regular discussion session by teleconference. In detail, the ​activity ​consists ​of ​several ​objectives:
● Research to support competition law enforcement (e.g merger review, investigation, ​etc), ​prevention ​programs, ​policy ​analysis, ​and ​advocacy; ● Development of curricula to support competition law and policy teaching in school ​and ​higher ​education; ● Training ​for ​professional ​in ​‘competition ​industry’; ● Knowledge ​hub ​development; ● Expertise ​and ​experts ​development; ● Managing ​virtual ​platform ​of ​the ​network; ● Other ​relevant ​activities.

Upon the establishment, the network may generate their own funding in hosting events, and or get a support from competition agencies or regulators, or potential international ​development ​partners ​who ​share ​their ​common ​interest.


● Chairperson and Vice Chairperson are appointed by the member of the network. ● Advisory Board consists of competition experts in providing strategic directions to ​the ​network ​on ​their ​program ​and ​activities. ● Secretariat will responsible to do the daily activities of the network and facilitate report ​on ​activities ​under ​the ​network. ● WG on Economic Analysis will responsible to conduct economic related analysis ​and ​research. ● WG on Legal Analysis will responsible to conduct legal related analysis and research. ● WG on Outreach will responsible to conduct dissemination activities (trainings, workshops, ​seminars/conferences, ​web ​portal, ​and ​e-newsletter).


EANCP Conference 2017 in Bali